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It's rare that a desirable list of features and conveniences is consistently completed to the end. The reason for this is obvious to everyone - it's the spiralling costs. You can't have everything if you want to keep it affordable. Velodyne Acoustics thought so and created the MiniVee X, an active subwoofer that fits into home cinemas just as well as it helps loudspeakers in the two-channel range. It does this in two ways: Firstly, it relieves the supported pair of the burden of transmitting low-frequency material, and secondly, it provides a much more intense listening experience with its brilliant yet controlled pace. Yes, this can be a low bass orgy, but a cappella tracks also benefit from the use of the Velodyne. The fact that this overall package consisting of features, comfort, build quality and immersive sound enrichment is available for this price makes the MiniVee X a highly attractive magic cube.   Olaf Sturm


Velodyne Acoustics MiniVee X
Price: 999 Euro
Warranty: 2 years
very good
very good
very good