With its display window and the valve sitting enthroned behind it, the Vincent SV-237 suggests an atmospheric valve sound. Way off the mark! The German designer had intended to build a low-distortion integrated amplifier as true as a die. This he has achieved with one hundred percent success. The SV-237 is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing, sometimes clutching and biting, then again gentle and meek. With a nominal output power of 150 watts into 8 ohms per channel, as is documented in the specs sheet, it can mobilise unforeseen power reserves if need be. On the other hand it accomplishes the feat of unraveling a complex musical event into a palpable, airy polymorphism. The Vincent SV-237 is the only amplifier in its price range with nothing to complain about soundwise or with any loudspeakers. It unfolds an astonishing spaciousness, follows every howsoever small or big dynamic jump with no delay and shows off voices and natural instruments in an unaffected manner.   Hans-Ulrich Fessler

Vincent SV-237
Warranty (Germany): 5 years
very good