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The ScansonicHD MB5 B is certainly a most elegant appearance that enriches different styles of furnishing. As to the placement it’s absolutely uncritical. Teamed up with adequate game partners the MB5 B X-rays the microcosmos of a recording, gets down to the fine dynamic job in an utterly agile way, fanning out a splendid spectrum of tonal hues with the finest of shadings. At that it can embed its wealth of nuances into a totally harmonious, coherent and immediately involving performance, not only with good recordings. Moreover, its imaging is very wide, precisely staggered and extremely three-dimensional. Sticking to the picture of the brand name: the MB5 B delivers acoustic UHD.   Marius Donadello

ScansonicHD MB5 B
Price per pair: 7.000 Euro
Warranty: 2 Jahre
very good
very good
very good