Had we commissioned Italy’s legendary football coach Trapattoni to write this i-fidelity.net conclusion, he would certainly have begun with the words: »How can Dali dare ...«. However, this time not with a negative outcome like in the original, but an appreciative result. For here the Epicon 2 indeed knows only one direction. It shows the typical and perfectly spatial imaging qualities of a compact loudspeaker, combined with a low-end fundament that sets a new benchmark not only in its price range or speaker size class. It absolutely requires stands of suitable height, but those don’t necessarily have to come from Dali. In any case this flawless high-end speaker definitively resents being placed on a shelf or a sideboard. And the Epicon doesn’t make ultra-high demands on the electronics, thereby lowering its purchase price and catapulting the speaker even higher in its attractivity. So high that i-fidelity.net makes the Dali Epicon 2 a reference and justifiably so!   Olaf Sturm

Dali Epicon 2
Price per pair: 4,598 EUR
Warranty: 5 years
Epicon-2 stands/pair: 698 EUR
good - very good