The old SAM seems to flatten the melody line or in other words: it carves it out not nearly as impressively as its heir. And the G2 demonstrates that Gilmour’s guitar playing is more to its liking. Despite a live recording which is precisely not abounding in precise moments, it carves out all the edges without literally getting analytic; there is way too much music involved in this track as well. Now it’s preparing to not only overtake its forerunner, but also to define a new class standard.

Charlie Haden and Keith Jarret »Jasmine«

The album was produced in Jarret’s home studio already some time ago and is a true gem. Like before on a duet album with Pat Metheney, bassist Charlie Haden seems to have a positive influence on his fellow musicians, for we haven’t heard piano man Keith Jarret next to him playing so relaxed – and by this I don’t mean boring! – in a long time. »Jasmine« has turned out to be a fantastic album. 

For this album I will not give the normal »listen-in-tips«, the opus as a whole. For such records, for such music Audionet develops reproducing electronics, hifi and high-end devices or experience machines – you name them. Whereas Haden’s bass sounds more reserved and is sometimes barely audible over the old SAM, the new G2 presents the picture of an acoustic »HD camera«. No detail is lost and even the subtle passages don’t lack the force typical of this instrument.

No doubt, the new SAM G2 defines the new audio quality benchmark in its class. Four representative points shall be mentioned: dynamics, spatial imaging capacity, the absence of limitations and a musical reproduction level which is absolutely unique in this price range. Now then, SAM G2, you’re going to supersede our longtime companion, your predecessor SAM V2, with flying colours. Holding its head high, the V2 may go into its well-deserved retirement. 

The Audionet SAM G2 is granted the most important label, the most precious award: reference in the league of integrated amplifiers.