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Taking up the question in the lead: yes, that’s the way the future hifi system should be like. Audionet’s ingenious combination of analogue and digital preamp with bass management and room compensation opens up a comfort level like almost no competitor, due to its control options via standard touchscreen remote, app (aMM) and laptop (RCP). And with the appropriate CARMA measuring system every setup will deliver its very best performance in every room. The overall package works so brilliantly well and, despite its complexity, as simply as only few other solutions. The DNP is a masterpiece in every respect. Never before could a single component get almost any system to sound in such a high-endy manner, with rarely heard fine dynamics and room imaging. i-fidelity.net congratulates Audionet on another reference!   Raphael Vogt 

Audionet DNP
Price: 10,490 EUR
Warranty: 3 years

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